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About Wipdesigns

Published freelance photographer, CGI Visualiser and designer

Wipdesigns is a commercial photographer, graphic designer and 3D CGI artist specialising in automotive and product photography, based in Sheffield in the UK. With more than 16 years in the photography and design industry, we are driven to produce unique and powerful imagery through high-quality commercially-viable photography and clean graphic design that helps our clients to excel their company presence and corporate marketing to new levels.

Why work with Wipdesigns?

Wipdesigns is a professional freelance photographer and graphic designer that facilitates brands to increase their client-base and sales through the use of professional photography, modern creative graphic design, high quality commercial print and marketing services.

Return on investment

As a business owner, your design, marketing and photography are key to promoting your services and products to your customers. Without great design and photography, you simply cannot expect customers to trust your brand or products, which will ultimately lose you sales and vital income. Having a strong brand and solid professional photography helps to sell the idea that your business can be trusted, has the skills needed to provide customers with the services they need and generally build up a perfect image of your business in your customer’s minds. Stand apart from the rest and invest in your brand and business.

Dedicated to providing a professional service

I took up photography like many, initially as a hobby, but I soon knew that I wanted to produce much more than a snapshot. I have a passion and drive to produce and create photographic works that would be recognised worldwide, that serve a purpose and that helps businesses and brands to sell their products and service to their customers.

I live for photography, so challenge me to produce something great for your business or brand.

Why hire a professional photographer for your business or brand?

As a professional photographer I hold myself and my work to very high standards, these standards help me to continually produce work that is consistently high in quality and which produces excellent final images.

Having professional-grade photography promotes a professional service from your business to your customers. The imagery you use throughout your marketing, website, printed advertising and across your business is an indication to customers of what to expect from you. High-end professional photography sells, period.

Understanding how to light the subject or product, capture the angle that helps promote the best in your product and post-process them to a highly polished finished standard that really does improve your chances of selling your services and products to your customers.

3D CGI Product Photography

Not all our clients want or need physical photography and opt for the convenience and consistency of 3D CGI visualisation to capture and promote their products.

Our 3D visualisation or CGI product photography can be used in place of real-world photography and to complement it.

Client testimonials

James Forster, Santa Pod Raceway.

“We came across Lee’s work through some of our customers that race here at Santa Pod Raceway and instantly set about making contact with him. After seeing some of the end products it became clear that Lee’s images were perfect for us to use in advertising upcoming events. The atmosphere Lee is able to create in his photos is outstanding. The fact that we’re using Lee’s images without even employing him for a specific shoot speaks for itself. We very much look forward to working with Lee in the future.”

As featured on the Luxion KeyShot blog

We are pleased to note that we’ve been featured on the Luxion KeyShot blog, with a range of other professional CGI visualisers, covering some of our favourite images and why we use the software to develop our professional images.

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