KD Davis and Sons Website

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KD Davis and Sons Website and Photography

We were enlisted to support K.D.Davis & Sons by improving their existing WordPress e-commerce website by creating a more user-friendly experience. By redesigning the visuals, graphics and reshuffling of the product listings. We created the new website using brand colours and creating a smoother user experience, improving overall load speeds, enhancing the search engine optimisation and enhancing their product photography with our in-house photography service.

KD Davis and Sons

What we did

  • Studio based professional high-resolution photography
  • Colour correction & levels balance
  • Multiple colour images supplied
  • Light image retouching
  • WordPress powered eCommerce website design
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Website Design

Product Photography

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Vocation Brewery Product Photography

Vocation Brewery Life and Death Pride and Joy Product Photography by wipdesigns.com


Vocation Brewery Product Photography

Product photography is a key area of any business product selling power. As customers we make purchase choices based on the visual aesthetics of a product, supported by  descriptive sentences to understand what to expect from our purchase, such as the flavours we can expect to experience and how it will benefit us.

The Vocation brand and style is striking it style and design, with a fresh and modern packaging appearance for the Vocation range.

The product photography is an area that would benefit from improved product photography, which will help the Vocation brand to sell more products through a much more professional product appearance.

What we did

  • Setup studio and lighting equipment for capturing can packshots
  • Capture high-resolution images
  • Colour correction, curves and levels
  • Full can retouching and blemish removal
  • Vector background removal for transparency and coloured backdrops
  • Multiple colour image formats exported

Professional Product Photography

Product Photograph Variations

Before and After Our Product Photography

Photographs Used On The Vocation Shop

Life & Death Advert design

Life and Death Advert Alternative

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Chalice Medical Product Photography

chalice medical photography heat exchanger2


Chalice Medical Product Photography

At Chalice, quality is paramount. And while our products and business approach are first-class, it is the bespoke nature of our service in which we take most pride. Our tailor-made solutions synchronise with the needs of our customers. So through the use of our products, you truly can operate your way.

Incorporated in September 1998 and manufacturing since April 2000, Chalice Medical LTD are proud to have built a reputation as a quality provider of products and services. Committed to the European Cardiac Surgery and Perfusion market, it is our mission to continue to develop with the market, while supplying new and existing products, with an unmatched level of customer care.

Chalice Medical

What we did

  • On-location professional photography
  • On-location Studio Lighting
  • Colour correction + levels balanced
  • Multiple colour images supplied
  • Professional image retouching
  • Multiple high-resolution images supplied

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Tokai Guitars Product Photography

Tokai Guitars Wipdesigns Product Photographer Sheffield


Tokai Guitars Product Photography and Product Brochure Design

Brochure design and high-quality photography of some incredibly high-quality guitars made by Tokai Guitars UK.

In 1982 the western guitar market was shocked into submission. Never before had it seen instruments of such quality from a Japanese builder. Tokai had come to town and had changed the entire perception of the guitar world forever! Their arrival brought about a knee-jerk reaction from the world’s existing major manufacturers. However, by this time, Tokai had firmly established itself as a builder of unquestionable reputation and precision. Unlike many of its competitors, Tokai founded by Tadayouki Adachi in Hamamatsu in 1947, still remains a genuine family concern.

Tokai Guitars

What we did

  • Product Photography
  • Post Processing
  • On-Location Studio Lighting
  • Graphic Design
  • Design for Print
  • Design for Digital

Professional Product Photography

Brochure Design

Client feedback

“Tokai is founded on incredible quality and craftsmanship to produce some of the best quality guitars available worldwide. We wanted to show off the quality of our products to our customers and allow the craftsmanship to be seen clearly, allowing customers to make their own minds up about our products. We worked closely with Wipdesigns to capture professional-quality product photography to help us sell our line of guitars through printed and digital marketing. I can honestly say that we are over the moon with the final images that were submitted, they look incredible, represent our products very well and really allow us to promote our products effectively to our audience. Thank you for your help and we look forward to working together again in the future

Bob Murdoch, Director at Tokai Guitars

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