KD Davis Product Photography and Website Design

Website design and product photography for KD Davis in Rotherham.


KD Davis & Sons

Project Brief

KD Davis contacted us as part of a push to improve their public appearance and brand trust by creating a brand new WordPress powered e-commerce website and populating it with pricing, specifications and high-quality product photography, allowing customers to see real products sold by KD Davis and allow for ordering online for local delivery, or nationwide delivery.

As part of the website build, we supported KD Davis & Sons by improving their existing WordPress e-commerce website by creating a more user-friendly experience, by redesigning the look and feel, implementing better services, improving the website load speed by using our improved servers and reshuffling of the product lines. We created the new website using new brand colours and creating an overall smoother user experience, improving overall load speeds, enhancing the search engine optimisation and enhancing their product photography with our in-house photography service.

What We Did

  • Website Design
  • Website Build
  • Domain, Hosting and Setup
  • WordPress CMS Installation
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Studio based professional high-resolution photography
  • Colour correction & levels balanced
  • Multiple colour images supplied
  • Light image retouching

Project Brief

KD Davis is renowned for selling the absolute freshest fruit and veg available and have won numerous awards such as Britains Best Greengrocer Award. With a much-improved website, KD Davis wanted to improve their online marketing via better images, that capture the true nature and quality of their products, this is where our studio photograph packages come in, with professional studio lighting, high-resolution cameras and image retouching to really sell the final images and the products they represent.

What We Did

  • Individual studio lighting per product
  • Photograph over 150 products
  • Processed and corrected images
  • Formatted for website use
  • High contrast edges
  • Export in high and web-ready resolutions
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