Tokai Guitars UK

Brochure design and high-quality photography of some incredibly high-quality guitars made by Toaki Guitars UK.


Tokai Guitars

Project Brief

In 1982 the western guitar market was shocked into submission. Never before had it seen instruments of such quality from a Japanese builder. Tokai had come to town and had changed the entire perception of the guitar world forever! Their arrival brought about a knee-jerk reaction from the world’s existing major manufacturers. However, by this time, Tokai had firmly established itself as a builder of unquestionable reputation and precision. Unlike many of its competitors, Tokai founded by Tadayouki Adachi in Hamamatsu in 1947, still remains a genuine family concern.

What We Did

  • Product catalogue design and population
  • Individual product studio lighting
  • Image retouching
  • Background removal
  • Colour and lighting corrections
  • Exported in high and web-ready resolutions
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