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Bankfield Museum

We worked hard to bring the past into the present through clean design, high-quality print and professional photography.

Bankfield Museum

What we did

  • On-location professional photography
  • Colour correction & levels balanced
  • Multiple colour images supplied
  • Light image retouching
  • Multiple high-resolution images supplied

Bringing The Past, Back To The Future

We worked hard to create a modern booklet design that encourages visitors to explore and discover the finer details in the exhibitions at the Bankfield Museum. The booklet uses clean design and professional photography to highlight a selection of the museum’s features.

Small Booklet, BIG Ideas

The Bankfield Museum booklet design incorporates our bespoke design and photography whilst also using Bankfield Museum’s brand guidelines to create a look that matches seamlessly with their existing marketing materials. Our photograph is spread across forty pages on a smooth silk paper which helps to promote the high quality which can be found throughout the museum. The booklet may be small, but it packs a big punch by involving visitors which provides a more memorable and interactive experience. The booklet is A6 in size, which is an ideal for carrying around the museum or slipping into a pocket whilst viewing the exhibitions.

“Lee and Ben went above and beyond to produce the exact product we were after – they even travelled over to Halifax to visit the museum in person, get a feel for the environment and take professional photographs. It’s not often you work with people who are so willing to go that extra mile (in this case, literally). We have only just made the Bankfield Pattern booklets available to the general public, but we’ve already had some lovely feedback on the images, the design and the feel of the booklet. We hope it will quickly become a coveted keepsake from a visit to Bankfield Museum.”

Lauren, Project Officer at Bankfield Museum.

Museum Photography

As part of the booklet design, we worked closely with Lauren to find out which exhibits were of most interest and to gather some background information on the history of Bankfield Museum. We attended Bankfield Museum to photograph the premises and capture the finer details within the exhibitions, these images were then to be used extensively throughout the booklets design.

Once the photographs were taken we then edited them to ensure the final printed product was of a high quality whilst allowing visitors to see the crisp details.

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