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Professional CGI Product Rendering

CGI Product Rendering Services

We provide a wide range of CGI product rendering visualisation and CGI product photography services.

What is 3D product rendering?

3D product rendering or 3D product visualisation is a digital-only version of photography, also known as CGI (computer-generated imagery) which either replaces traditional photography completely or complements it to produce photorealistic images of products which can be used in your marketing materials.

3D CGI product rendering or CGI product photography uses 3D models of your products which can be materialized (what material the product is made from; metal, plastic, glass etc) to represent how your real-world product looks.

CGI product rendering offers a couple of advantages over traditional photography in that 3D product renders can be created prior to the real-world product being manufactured, meaning you can start your marketing campaigns much sooner and generate interest in your products before they arrive, meaning you can start selling your products before any costly manufacturing starts.

Additionally, 3D product rendering can help to generate many more images of products that have multiple variations, such as different paint or material finishes, and will allow you to generate near-perfect lighting for your products without the costly outlay of hiring an expensive photography studio or setting up multiple physical sets/stages for your products.

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The process


3D CGI Wheel Product Photography Wireframe
CAD Data Import

We import your 3D CAD data models into our software and set up their part relationships.

If you do not have CAD data we work with talented product models to create your 3D product assets which we can then use to create product renders from.


3D CGI Wheel Product Photography Materials
Creating Materials / Finishes

We create a range of materials (finishes) that represent how your products look in real life or how you intend for them to look based on concept designs/illustrations of your products.


3D CGI Wheel Product Photography Lighting

Once your product has realistic life-like materials that represent how it looks in real life, we move onto the lighting stage, where we position digital lights to bring out all of the key features, dimensions, shapes and points of interest to really enhance your product’s presence in marketing.


Scenes and Cameras

Now that your product looks great, and is lit to promote its best side, we capture all of the best angles of your product, much like we would with a real-world camera.

We then ‘photograph’ your product on a custom-made modern white backdrop stage for use on e-commerce websites.

After that, if needed for your marketing, we set up and capture your product ‘in situ’ aka ‘lifestyle’ images of your product in a scene (think keyboard on a desk, kettle on a kitchen side etc)



Now that your product has materials, is lit perfectly, the cameras are setup and ready to go and the scene is ready, we start the rendering process, where our CGI computers process all of the digital lighting interactions in the 3D scene and capture (renders) a progressive image that we then save out to be post-processed. This process can take a while to complete depending on the complexity of the scene, the level of quality required and the final image size needed.


Post Processing

Once all of the images are rendered out of our rendering engine we take each image and post-process them to bring up the quality even further and add tweaks to make each image as perfect as possible, ready for you to use in your marketing materials.

How can 3D product rendering help you?

Create compelling story-driven product imagery

3D CGI product photography allows you to generate compelling imagery of your products in a range of environments without the need for a photographer or costly studio/location licences, with the ability to capture images photographers simply couldn’t achieve.

Save time and money on expensive photography

Hiring a photographer, assistant, lighting and camera equipment along with a photo studio is expensive and can quickly add up to a large project cost when compared to 3D CGI product renders which are all produced on a computer in 3D.

Market your products before they're manufactured

Unlike photography, we can start photographing your product in a range of settings, finishes and locations even before they’re manufactured, letting you hit the ground running not waiting on traditional photography after the product arrives.

Types of renders

We provide a wide range of different ways to capture your products.

Ecommerce 'on white' studio render

The classic e-commerce product image, where the background is solid white, provides your image with a clean neutral backdrop, perfect for an e-commerce gallery.

Studio Product Rendering

Similar to the on-white background, the studio image captures your product against a simple physical backdrop that helps to ground and place your product in the real world.

Marketing Renders

Marketing renders are perfect for showing off your products in a more dynamic lighting and physical backdrop setting.

Product Colourways Options & Finishes

If your product has a range of finishes or colour options, then let’s get creative by adding some colour to your 3D CGI product photography to really sell the colourways and product customisation choices that are available.

Tease / Coming Soon Images

If you’re launching a product, but you want to generate interest and desire for more information, then Teaser images are perfect for this use case.

In situ / Lifestyle Images

In-situ images are great at showing your products in the real world, creating realistic backdrops that really sell your product by enabling customers to see how it could look in their ownership.

Interactive Product Turntables

Get your product in the hands of your customers by allowing them to rotate your product and inspect it from a range of angles using out 360-degree turntables.

< Click and drag wheel to rotate >

Animated Products

Animation videos are the go-to for catching the eye of your customers as movement attracts the eye. It’s also great at creating interest in your products by only showing small sections at a time.

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