Chalice Medical Product Photography

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Chalice Medical Product Photography

At Chalice, quality is paramount. And while our products and business approach are first-class, it is the bespoke nature of our service in which we take most pride. Our tailor-made solutions synchronise with the needs of our customers. So through the use of our products, you truly can operate your way.

Incorporated in September 1998 and manufacturing since April 2000, Chalice Medical LTD are proud to have built a reputation as a quality provider of products and services. Committed to the European Cardiac Surgery and Perfusion market, it is our mission to continue to develop with the market, while supplying new and existing products, with an unmatched level of customer care.

Chalice Medical

What we did

  • On-location professional photography
  • On-location Studio Lighting
  • Colour correction + levels balanced
  • Multiple colour images supplied
  • Professional image retouching
  • Multiple high-resolution images supplied

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